"The invisible" 2021 Oil(water mixable) on canvas Size: 80x100 cm

"A fighter in the year of C" 2020 This painting has its own story.

This is detail of upper half. Oil(watermixable) canvas. (Total size original about 80X180 cm)

(Sold eighteen years ago)
"Carmen" 2003. Oil on panel. Originalsize about 80x140 cm.

"Impact" 2021 Oil(watermixable) on canvas Originalsize: 80 x100cm

"Längtan" 2003. Oil on panel.

"Halvkropp" 1990-tal. Oil on canvas.

"One" 2005. Oil on canvas.

"Förändringens vind/Wind of change" 2004 Oil on canvas.

"Vår" c.a 2000. Oil on canvas.

"Då-Nu-Sedan" 2003. Oil/mixed on panel.

"Förgänglighet" (Tsunamin2004) 2005 Oil on panel. Donated to charity to Elsborgskyrkan, end thereafter sold to help people.

"Tanken först" 2004 Oil on vanvas.

"Flygelflickan" 2005. Oil on canvas.

This is also printed on canvas and mounted on a frame. Size: 135 cm. A great work. Contact me if you are interested,
Free shipping in Falun/Borlänge.

"Gruvhästarna" 2003. Oil on panel.

"Udda" probably 2002 Oil on canvas. (Made to a poem of Göran Greider which I red in the newspaper)

"Higgins" about 1994. Framed oil on panel. Our first dog Racing Spirit Mongolian Night.

"Dalhalla" 2003 Oil/mixed on panel.
Sold: 10.000 SEK in 2002-2003. But now, many years later, the painting belongs to me, again. :)

"Född fri" 2004 Oil/mixed on canvas. (This is not originalsize)

"Paradisäppelträdet" 2004. Oil on canvas.